Simplisse Double Electric breast pump


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Weight 8 lbs, AC adapter, no battery, no car adapter, cycle and suction continuously variable, standard bottles, closed system.

Simplisse has a different method behind its breast pump. Rather than using suction strength alone, it mimics the physical contact of the baby’s tongue and mouth to express milk. Given this major difference, the pieces of the pump are also a little different. There are two different breast cups that fit into connector piece. While there is no specific valve, there is a seal that is placed between the connector and bottle, as well as a diaphragm and cap piece to fit on top. There are more pieces to this pump, which means a few extra pieces to clean.

While there is no specific let-down phase, separate dials for suction and cycle still allow for customized settings. It is a closed system, so tube cleaning is not necessary. Pump includes tote bag, cooler/gel freezer packs, and extra collection bottles.

The big advantage of this system is how gentle it is. Since the high suction is not used to express milk, it is much gentler on the nipples. This style will take a while to get used to, and women who have used the traditional pumps may find it takes a while to transition to the new style of pump.

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