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The Mega Seat is a great way to encourage early sitters and help them feel included in everyday family activities.  This lightweight seat holds infants as young as four months – once they have the neck strength needed to support their heads – and is roomy enough to accommodate even my 2-1/2 year old who still loves climbing into it.

Generous leg holes and seating space allow babies of all sizes plenty of room, while cutouts on the sides cater to active arms and serve as a convenient resting place once those arms grow tired.  As spacious as it is, the Mega Seat truly lives up to its name!  Now, the biggest issue will be getting big sister to share “her” seat with baby brother.

The seat is comprised of molded polyurethane foam, which creates a soft yet supportive structure, while also having enough friction to keep the seat from sliding on our hardwood floors.  In addition, the smooth surface is easy to clean!  The seat back extends higher than similar seats to provide back and neck support and is textured just enough to keep baby from slipping down into the seat. A safety belt also ensures that your child remains in place and can be adjusted to grow with your child.  Please note, though, that the Mega Seat is intended to be used on the floor, so please do not trust your child in the seat upon any elevated surface. 

The Mega Seat retails for $39.99 at major retailers such as Walmart with a tray attachment sold separately. 

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