Review: Yogibo beanbag furniture


We had a chance to take home a Yogibo to test it as a pregnancy pillow, couch and even possible guest bed.

First of all, the Yogibo comes from a company that promises a new take on the beanbag chair. It was created by a husband for his wife when she was pregnant and could not sleep comfortably. It is not your typical bean bag material. The Yogibo MAX, which we received,  is not only a recliner/chair and couch but it stretches out to 7+ feet as a possible (albeit narrow) guest bed.

The Yogibo is filled with microbeads which makes it easier to move and change its shape, even to the point of using it as a chair, molded body couch, or flat bed space.  This same shape-shifting form makes it particularly interesting for pregnant women needing support in just the right places. Because the beads are so small, it molds itself to every space. In our “napping” test, I was amazed at how restful it was to be supported in every position. Attention though: pregnant mommies are going to need extra help getting out of this thing, either by a helpful sleep buddy, or by rolling completely off and then getting up. Once in its embrace, the Yogibo provides little leverage to remove yourself by yourself.

Color choices are abundant and alternate cover colors are available as the mood moves you. You can easily wash and change the cover.

This will quickly become a treasured spot for reading or watching TV, and while bean bags don’t really fit the classic “living room” furniture choice, these are particularly nice, especially if paired with other pillows.

Yogibo also sells other pillows including pregnancy pillows all available at and at Amazon. The 7-foot Yogibo “bed” model I tried is available for just $239 at Amazon.


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