Cleaning and Personal Care Products from The Honest Co.

Ever since becoming a mom, I’ve been a stickler for finding non-toxic, eco-friendly products for my family.  So, you can imagine my eagerness to try the new bath, body and cleaning products from The Honest Company, a business recently started by actress Jessica Alba and former Healthy Child Healthy World CEO Christopher Gavigan (both parents themselves) that is committed to health and sustainability.  Serving the busy mom who wants the best for her family, The Honest Company delivers right to your door and offers a monthly subscription service that can be personalized to your style and save you up to 35%.

From the moment my delivery arrived, it was obvious that I was in for something special.  Stamped with The Honest Company logo and decorated with their brand attributes, the box introduces you to a company that prides itself for being good, safe, pure, eco, fun, stylish, smart and charitable.  Great!  So, the next question: how well do these products actually work?

My order included an assortment of cleaning and personal care products. Starting with the cleaning products, I set to work on a large load of laundry and a stack of dirty dishes.  It was impressive how little detergent was needed for my front-loading washing machine – still, clothes came out looking great and smelling fresh.  Both the auto dishwasher gel and dish soap also did the trick, getting out the grime while being soft on the skin (I hate using gloves to wash dishes!).  The multi-surface cleaner performed equally well on my counter and tabletops.

For the personal care products, I tried the shampoo & body wash, the face & body lotion, the healing balm and the hand soap.  Though I have to admit that I initially thought the combination was a little odd, I appreciate that the shampoo and body wash are combined into one product, as it’s always great to save on the number of individual items that have to be purchased and stored in my house.  The face & body lotion goes on smoothly and isn’t the least bit oily.  The healing balm is a thicker ointment that is great for hydrating the driest skin, though not quite as fragrant-free as it promises to be.  While this product’s scent may not be the most pleasing, all the other items in the collection really stand out for having unique, highly enjoyable scents that aren’t overpowering.  The hand soap’s lemongrass scent is my favorite and actually makes me look forward to washing my hands!  While all of The Honest Company packaging is very elegant, with soft colors and clean lines, the cylindrical packaging for the shampoo & body wash and the face & body lotion may not be the best suited to squeezing product out, especially as you get to the end.

In addition to products for the family, The Honest Company makes products specifically for baby, with wipes and an adorable assortment of diaper designs (not overly cutesy, but actually hip patterns that parents will enjoy).  While I typically go with cloth and compostable diapers and prefer these options for being even better for the planet, I do often need disposable diapers for those times when lugging around soiled diapers just isn’t pleasant or feasible.  In that case, these are a good option, as they’re plant-based and naturally biodegradable.

While I’m not a chemist and can’t speak specifically to how earth friendly and non-toxic these products actually are compared with other eco-products in the market, I am heartened by any company that goes out of their way to make better products.  Promises of natural, biodegradable, pH neutral, non-toxic and hypoallergenic give me peace of mind, which is greatly appreciated given how much else there is to worry about as a parent.  Pricewise, The Honest Company is highly comparable to other products in the market, even next to conventional brands.  In addition, the company donates diapers to children in poverty for every purchase.

If you’re looking for products that not only help with your household chores and keep your family clean and moisturized, but are also looking for ones that go above and beyond to preserve your health and the planet, check out The Honest Company.  With a free trial offer, there’s really no reason to say no.  Check them out at

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