Force of Nature non-toxic cleanser


I was very excited to try the Force of Nature Starter Kit. I am increasingly concerned about the amount of harsh chemicals that I use to clean my house on a daily basis, and this product offered a natural, non-toxic alternative. I keep hearing about the power of vinegar, but mixing my own concoction hasn’t worked well for me. Thus, I decided to try out Force of Nature. I like this product a lot and recommend it for parents like me, who are ready to try out a less harsh cleaner for their homes but aren’t looking to fully DIY.

The Force of Nature Starter Kit is truly unique. More than your standard household cleaner, this appliance uses an electric charge to transform salt, water, and vinegar into a safe, effective, and potent all-purpose cleanser. Calling upon sodium hydroxide and hypochlorous acid, Force of Nature is as effective as bleach—but is 100 percent non-toxic and contains zero harsh chemicals.

The Starter Kit includes everything you need to make this super powerful concoction—just add tap water.

Force of Nature is easy to use: the directions are clear and it felt like an easier process than trying to measure out a homemade cleaner on my own. It’s a simple process and the system is clear and easy-to-follow. It also looks nice sitting out on my counter, as it comes in a modern-looking bottle. Furthermore, Force of Nature is cost-effective and the kit includes an on-the-go bottle, perfect for restaurant visits with your little one.

One thing that was a fun surprise was how much my four-year-old son enjoyed making the mixture with me. The package contains an insert, which has the scientific process outlined in kid-friendly language. My son now loves making this with me and asks to do it regularly.

Overall, I’d recommend this product. Force of Nature is ideal for new parents who want to keep a clean home for their little ones, but also stay away from harsh chemicals. It’s a safe and effective cleaner that you can use on anything. As an added bonus, it’s also fun for older kids to get involved in the process of making the cleaner.

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