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Cleaning the bathroom is one of those tasks that gets put off in our household. One, it’s a lot of work. Two, it’s nearly impossible to do with kids around, since I don’t want them anywhere near me as I’m spraying cleaning solvents – even if the products are labeled as green and chemical free. When I heard that there was a cleaning product that does away with cleaning solvents and just relies on plain water, I had to give it a try. Of course, given how long I had put off cleaning, Zabada’s cleaning products were up for a challenge!

I started my task with the Zabada Bathroom Glove. This is a 2-sided mitt that you wear on your hand. A Clean side is great for removing calcium, lime, mold and soap that can build up around sinks, bathtubs and showers. The Care side is ideal for surfaces such as mirrors and chrome fixtures that scratch easily and need a gentler cleaning.

Each side is covered with Austrian-fibers that are 100 times smaller than a human hair. This lets the fibers get into the tiniest spots to remove and trap grime and bacteria. The dirt stays attached to the fibers until you rinse the Glove out, meaning that it won’t transfer from surface to surface. That makes my job a lot easier!

The Bathroom Glove is 6” x 8” for a good-sized cleaning surface that lets you clean large areas quickly. To get started, just run the glove under water and gently ring out the excess. Then, start cleaning. By just using water, Zabada relieves you of any worry about your children being around potentially dangerous chemicals AND saves you money by removing the need for cleaning solutions. All of this sounded too good to be true, but a quick side-by side test on the bathtub showed that Zabada does indeed do a remarkable cleaning job. Surprisingly, it actually cleaned faster and did a more thorough job than my regular cleaning spray in combination with a sponge. Most impressive was how easily it picked up the grime that had built up in the grout between my tiles. I finished up with Zabada and had a sparkling tub in no time.

After cleaning with the Bathroom Glove, it’s recommended to follow up with the Zabada Bathroom Marvel, a 16” x 18” super absorbent cloth that dries surfaces on contact, ensuring that there’s no wetness where bacteria can breed. The Marvel is also nice in that it doesn’t leave lint or streaks, giving your surfaces a shiny, polished look. I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen my bathroom mirror cleaner than it was after my Zabada cleaning.

When you’re done cleaning, just rinse out the Bathroom Glove and Marvel. Then, hang to dry. If they’re very soiled and need more of a refresh, hand wash with laundry soap and then toss in a mesh laundry bag (also available from Zabada and free with some purchases) and wash in your washing machine. Just note that it’s highly recommended not to use fabric softeners on these products. Hang dry after the wash cycle.

Both products are made to last 2 to 3 years for an estimated 1000 cleanings. So, while they may initially seem pricey with the Bathroom Glove selling for $40 and the Marvel selling for $30, they do end up being very cost effective in the long run, replacing the need for towels, sponges, paper towels and cleaning solutions.

In addition to the bathroom products, Zabada carries an entire line of cleaning products for kitchens, windows, floors and general household cleaning. If you’re looking for a new way of cleaning that is safe for your kids, easy to use and is gentle on your wallet and the environment, I’d definitely recommend Zabada. It’s fast, simple and gets the job done. Learn more about the Bathroom Glove and Bathroom Marvel along with Zabada’s entire family of cleaning products at

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