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The BabyBjörn Cradle is an elegant solution for keeping baby calm, with a design that is thoughtful and beautiful in function as well as form.  While much of today’s baby gear relies on batteries and power cords to soothe baby, BabyBjörn takes a creative, low-tech approach that operates free of fancy mechanisms and electricity.  The mesh-sided cradle rests on two wooden legs that sit atop a springy metal base that gently rocks baby with the lightest touch.  This lets me easily control how fast and how aggressively the cradle moves, adjusting according to my child’s reaction.  Plus, baby can self soothe, as the cradle responds to the most subtle shifts when he starts to get restless.

I also adore this cradle for how easy it is to set up and fold down, making it convenient to take along for vacation or a trip to the grandparents’ house.  The cradle has few parts and can be securely assembled with two hex screws in a matter of minutes.  It even comes with an allen wrench that tucks neatly into the collapsed cradle so that you don’t lose it in transport (unfortunately, once assembled there is no place to store the wrench, so remember where you put it!).  The cradle’s minimal size and light weight at a mere 13lbs further encourage portability, both within your house as well as away from home.  The small footprint also makes it easy to fit almost anywhere in your house.

Last, but certainly not least, the cradle is beautiful with a nice, clean look that includes white mesh sides and real wood legs.  No plastic here!  The mesh fabric is not only breathable, but also lets you easily see your child through the sides for peace of mind in those early days when you find yourself constantly checking your child.  All fabric is easily removable for machine washing.  Plus, you’ll feel good putting your newborn in a cradle that is comprised of materials that meet tough Oeko-Tex quality standards, a test for harmful substances.

Here’s a list of pros and cons:


– simple design that rocks baby without the need for batteries or an electric outlet
– quiet, since it operates without power and motors
– allows baby to self soothe, by jiggling when baby moves
– mesh fabric lets you easily keep an eye on baby
– small footprint and neutral design allows it to fit in anywhere in your home
– quick and easy to assemble
– folds flat for storage or travel
– lightweight (13 lbs)
– fabrics meet Oeko-Tex Standards and are machine washable


– canopy and mattress cover are sold separately
– short-lived (as most cradles are) accommodating babies in their first few months: newborn – 6 months (up to 18 lbs)

With many pros and just a couple minor cons, the BabyBjörn Cradle is a truly fabulous cradle that both you and your baby will love!

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