Summer Infant Bentwood Bassinet with Motion


The Summer Infant Bentwood Bassinet with Motion immediately stands out with its sophisticated colors and arched wooden legs that make it look like something you’d more likely see in a contemporary high-end furniture store than among baby products.  This gorgeous bassinet not only looks great, but also is well constructed with thoughtful features for soothing baby to sleep. 

The bassinet’s Silent Sway provides a gentle motion that you can dial up or down.  The first time I tried it, I had to watch carefully to make sure it was working, as the mechanism is surprisingly quiet.  This is great when my baby is already asleep and I’m trying to put him down with as little disruption as possible.  If baby’s still awake and I want additional help calming him down, the four melodies and three nature sounds help quite a bit, while also being pleasant for adults.  The melodies, sounds and motion all have an auto-shutoff to help conserve batteries.

The bassinet includes a retractable canopy that shields baby from any direct sun or overhead light.  Pull it back when baby is awake to better interact with him or just gaze at his extreme cuteness!  The Bentwood Bassinet also includes a waterproof mattress pad and a removable machine washable fitted sheet, making cleaning simple.

Setup is a breeze with a minimal number of pieces that come together with a screwdriver and the included allen wrench.  We had this beautiful bassinet together in no time at all!

Here are a few more thoughts on the the Bentwood Bassinet:


– warm aesthetic with arched wooden legs

– gentle swaying motion that silently rocks baby to sleep

– adjustable swaying speed that you can start faster to get your baby to sleep and then ease off as he doses off

– 4 melodies + 3 nature sounds and volume control give you options for soothing baby as well as finding an audio choice that will please you, too

– auto-shutoff to conserve batteries

– retractable canopy to soften light that enters the bassinet

– waterproof mattress pad and washable fitted sheet for easy cleaning

– large storage basket sits under the bassinet and provides convenient storage space for blankets

– comes in dark or light stain to give you choices for matching your home décor

– quality materials – made of wood, not plastic!

– easy to assemble and comes ready to use with included batteries and sheet


– the only real con is that changing batteries can be challenging, requiring a screwdriver to get into the battery compartment and a bit of agility to reattach the module to the underside of the soft-sided bassinet.  Not a huge deal, though, and hopefully not something you’ll find yourself doing very often.

Available Babies R Us and other major retailers for $209.99.  Learn more about the Bentwood Bassinet at

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