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Paper Culture is probably best known for their paper products, which really should be no surprise. They have a fantastic line of high quality, beautifully printed cards and stationery. However, I recently discovered their wall décor, and I am hooked!

In the past, putting up photos has always been a chore – printing the photos, buying the frames, cutting the mats and then dealing with all the hardware to actually attach them to the wall. Paper Culture’s wall décor makes decorating your home so much easier. Simply upload your photos to their website and choose from their great selection of Bamboo Wall Art and Wall Decals. Once uploaded, photos can be edited using Paper Culture’s online tools, including ones that allow you to crop, rotate and adjust color, brightness and contrast. Not sure if you got the best result? They also have designers on hand who can review your photo at no extra cost. And, they’re fast! I submitted my photo and received a very personal response via email the very same day. You can either approve any edits they’ve made, go back to what you started with or request further assistance. I appreciate that they provide a sample photo for you to compare against online since I’m never sure how closely my monitor represents the printed piece.

The Bamboo Wall Art comes in a square format in either a Mini size of 5.4” x 5.4” ($39.99) or a Medium size of 11.6” x 11.6” ($89.99). Both are ¾” thick with exposed edges that show off the 100% tri-layered bamboo panel. You have the option of designs that overlay text or simply displaying your photo. Images are printed on a smooth surface for a beautiful and sustainable art piece. The back is pre-drilled, so just choose where to put the piece, attach a screw and slide your new wall art into place. That’s all there is to it.

The Wall Decals are a fantastic decorating project that you can do with your kids. Buy a single large image or sets of smaller ones in a variety of shapes and styles. For a sheet of 16, consider the Custom Photo Stickers ($29.99), which mimics the Polaroid format and provides room for captions underneath. This is a fun way to label and date your images. The Wall Decals are printed on a canvas-like fabric with a water-based adhesive back. The adhesive is sticky enough to cling to most surfaces, but gentle enough to peel off without hurting your walls. They come all on one sheet and rolled up inside a tube. Every few days, we’ll pull the sheet out, and each of my kids picks a couple to put up above their beds. They love choosing just which photos to display and enjoy the flexibility of putting them up themselves, wherever they choose. Living in earthquake territory, I’m wary to place anything above my children’s beds that could potentially fall and injure them, so these lightweight Wall Decals are fantastic! We’ve repositioned the decals a couple times, and their stickiness seems uncompromised. The material doesn’t easily wrinkle or tear either, so in our experience, we’ve found them to hold up very well, even when applied by 2 and 4 year olds. Paper Culture does note that these aren’t archival art, so expect the Wall Decals to last between 1-3 years, with best results when they’re not exposed to direct sunlight.

For every order, Paper Culture plants a tree and gives you the opportunity to dedicate it. This is part of their commitment to the environment, which is also reflected in their materials – sustainable bamboo for the Bamboo Wall Art and fabric that is free of phthalates and PVC for the Wall Decals. So, whether you’re looking for a beautiful piece to commemorate a family memory or a fun, safe way to decorate the house with your kids, check out Paper Culture’s wall décor offerings at Just upload your photos, choose your products and have them delivered right to your door. This is a project the entire family can enjoy!

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