Review: Butch & Harold Stickr Frames


Sticker photo frames makes decorating fun and personal

I received the adorable, colorful and super fun to use Stickr Frames from Butch & Harold and am in love with both the concept and the execution. What a cute idea for decorating a kid’s room or a play room with easily removable and reusable frames that peel off and stick directly to your walls. You can change your photos weekly, seasonally, or whenever the mood strikes for some redecorating.  It’s that easy.  The kit includes 8 stickr frames, 4 mini dry-erase boards (which are really just stickers from the inside of the frames that can be used with dry-erase markers), 1 stickr ruler, 1 customizable room diagram and stickers of the BUTCH & Harold pet mascots.

I immediately opened the package and used the frames that worked for 4×6” inch pictures.  The frames stick to the walls very well. However, our playroom walls have a bit of a light texture, which shows up through the Stickr frame. This “rough” look is fine by me because we are using it for a really casual purpose, but it’s worth noting that these frames will look best on a smooth wall if you are going for a more finished designer look, like they show on the website.

The package includes 8 frames for pictures of different sizes including two 5×7”, one 8×10”, three 4×6”, and one 4×4”.  I like the variety or colors and designs, but I have to say I haven’t used the ones for 5×7” or 8×10” because I don’t have this sized picture as easily accessible.  I have lots of 4×6 photos around though, so I wonder if this might be more useful with more 4×6 frames and less of the bigger frames. I noticed on their packaging that they have other kits including one that looks like a train that fits only 4×6 and 4×4 photos. That seems like it might be more easy to use, and it also looks really cute (in the photos.)

I loved the packaging and their note that “all effort was made to avoid superfluous packaging and wasted resources.” It appears to be true, as it came in a simple cellophane package and the rest of it is a usable part of the product. They’ve made good use of a big printed sticker, even creating on this same strip of sticker paper a ruler that can be used and stuck to the wall as well.

I also noticed they Butch & Harold has free shipping on orders over $35 on their website, so that makes it even more appealing. It seems like a great gift for kids’ birthdays. I think I’ll add it to my list.

MSRP $19.95

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