Handbag Organizer from Life in Play


This purse organizer is very useful. It allows a busy and stylish mom to use any handbag (including a fancy brand name purse) and turn it into an organized diaper bag.  This tool is basically a bunch of expandable pockets that fit right into the bottom of your very own bag or purse. Love the idea of this organizer! Lots of positives: It gives your regular bag a number of compartments that can be used for baby products, diapers etc.  It is easy to clean and easy to remove.  It allows a mom to carry all the things she needs– and wear the purse she wants for her outfit!  It’s a clever design and helps you to hold and organize all the stuff that a baby requires.  It is very light weight and you won’t need a new diaper bag. It is a bit pricey.  But if it turns all your favorite brand name handbags into useful and stylish diaper bags, it’s worth it.  Check it out at lifeinplaycompany.com


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