JJ Cole Essentials Blanket Review


For a couple years now, we have used and loved the JJ Cole BundleMe on our stroller, so I was really excited to try another one of their products: the Essentials Blanket.  To start, let’s be clear: this is not a warm, fuzzy blanket.  But that’s definitely not a bad thing, because it is so much more.  This ”blanket” is a comfortable, waterproof sitting mat.  It is perfect for picnics or any other occasion where you are sitting on the ground and don’t want to get wet, grassy, sandy, or any other kind of dirty because it protects you from the bottom up.  But, if the dirt happens on top (smeared banana, dropped strawberries, little footprints…) it really easy to wipe clean.  The material on the outside is smooth, almost like a windbreaker but the inner waterproof layer gives the blanket a nice heft so it doesn’t bunch up when you sit on it or blow in the wind.  Ours is the grey patterned color but I wish I had chosen one of the more festive and colorful patterns available, like the stripes or circles.  Lastly, the best feature about this blanket is how it easily and neatly folds up when you’re finished.  You just follow the seams, fold it up, seal the velcro, and conveniently sling it over your shoulder with the built in strap.  No more trying to jam it in your diaper bag or use one of your already-full hands to carry it.  Because it is waterproof, it is a bit heavier than your average blanket, but I was ok with that tradeoff since it was so easy to carry over my shoulder.  We’ve already used this durable blanket in so many places and it still looks great.

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