Tokidoki by Ju-Ju-Be


The famous lifestyle brand Tokidoki has teamed up with bag geniuses Ju-Ju-Be to create a line for the trendy mom who is looking to add more pizazz to their everyday wear. I am here to review the Be All and Fuel Cell bags.

Just like all Ju-Ju-Be bags the Be All allows you to use it past the diaper stage. What I like about this bag the most is that it has the right number of pockets on the outside and inside, including a clear pocket on the inner flap of the bag allowing moms to place items like keys or important pieces of paper like doctor appointment cards without having to search the bag for them. The strap is wide making it comfortable to carry for long periods of time and matches the design of the bag. The best thing about the wide strap is that it stays on, which makes it easier for mom’s carrying their babies and bag at the same time. Inside is lined with a bright colored fabric that is germ fighting, another plus for moms!

The Fuel Cell is a bottle bag that fits perfectly into the Be All, but is designed to be so fun that it can be carried on its own. It can stash up to 3 wide neck bottles.

I would gift both these products to friends who want a different kind of design in their diaper bags – the Tokidoki and Ju-Ju-Be collaboration is definitely one of a kind in the world of diaper bags.

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