The Perfect Diaper Pail – The Ubbi


My search for the perfect diaper pail is over!  The Ubbi Diaper Pail delivers in a stylish and sleek package.  No longer does the stench of dirty diapers pervade the baby’s room long after the last change.  The pail really does seal in the odors.  Since it’s made of metal, the smell doesn’t absorb into the pail like it does with those made out of plastic. The obvious caveat being that when the pail is open the smell naturally escapes and you are reminded why beginning potty training should be top of mind!

The Ubbi does the trick delivering both form and function. Beyond outperfoming the other models I’ve used, it looks great in the bathroom. It doesn’t take up too much space with its compact profile and the sleek metal is very modern. We will definitely be able to use the Ubbi as a garbage can in our household once the babes are out of diapers.

Child lock to keep little hands out
Streamlined metal design – minimal plastic used
Compatible with any trash bag
Great choice of colors
It keeps odors in!

When open, the stench is palpable
Not hands free – you need both hands to operate

All in all, I recommend the Ubbi Diaper Pail highly.  It’s the best looking and best performing pail I’ve come across.



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