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We’ve noticed a trend among our stroller-pushing peers. Many are ditching televisions for projectors, opting for a bigger, better and somewhat more concealable form of screen entertainment. Given options like the Epson Home Cinema 3500 with its easy setup, excellent built-in sound and crisp image both in light and dark settings, it’s easy to see why so many are making the move.

If you’re hesitant to ditch your television for a projector, it may be because you’re remembering projectors from years past – those that required dimming the lights and a full setup including expensive screen and special viewing content. Today’s projector technology has come a long way. Not only can projectors provide a great theater-like experience for larger-than-life movies in the dark, but they also make daytime viewing a pleasure with high quality images even in full light. The first time we turned on the Epson Home Cinema 3500, we were absolutely amazed at the detail, uncompromised by the sun streaming through our windows. Perfect for home use, this projector has full HD 1080p resolution and uses image processing to create the sharpest looking images. In addition, it projects colors up to three times brighter than other models – 2500 lumens of both color and white brightness. If you’d like to tone the brightness down, there are three levels of adjustment with an Eco mode that will also help you extend bulb life.

With the many options for streaming video content currently available, we’ve found that connecting to a Blu-ray DVD player and a laptop gives us access to just about everything we need. Through the DVD player, we stream TV shows and movies from Netflix and HULU. Through our laptop, we stream sporting events. Everything from your kids’ favorite cartoons to the World Series looks absolutely amazing when projected! The projector also works great with 3D content and comes with two pairs of rechargeable RF 3D glasses. While the little ones may be a bit young to enjoy 3D movies, mom and dad are certainly excited about this feature. With our limited ability to go out to theaters, my husband and I now feel like we can keep up with at least some of the great 3D movies that have recently been released – all while still being within easy reach of our sleeping children.

The projector’s two HDMI inputs are also handy for connecting to smartphones and tablets, as well as game consoles, giving you even more options for using your projector. Why show off slideshows of your children on your iPhone when you can plug into your projector for a full-screen experience? Grandparents will LOVE this!

Setting up the system is remarkably easy with both vertical and horizontal lens shift available to help adjust for projectors that can’t be placed directly in front of the viewing surface. You also have good zoom range to give you flexibility in how close you place your projector to the viewing surface. Should you choose, you can also opt for rear projection or hang the projector from your ceiling. You can even move the projector from room to room or take it outdoors, given how portable it is. All you need is a screen or a sheet or blank wall to project upon. Two 10 W speakers are built in, so no need to carry extra audio equipment unless you’d like to plug additional speakers into the provided ports.

One of the best benefits of having a projector is how unobtrusive it is when not in use. Without a highly visible television, we hear many fewer kid requests to watch television and find that even the adults are much less tempted to switch on the tube. However, when we do decide to settle in for some entertainment, we simply open up our entertainment center to reveal the projector and pull down the screen. Just like that, we have our own fabulous viewing setup! And, we can make it disappear just as quickly.

For those looking to make the switch to a projector, or those looking to supplement their TV with a larger viewing experience, the Epson Home Cinema 3500 Projector is a great option at $1599. We especially love it for its excellent viewing quality both during the day and night, its great built-in sound and its easy setup with the bonus ability to view 3D content. We’ve never had a problem with it, but there’s also great peace of mind knowing that the projector comes with a 2-year warranty and a replacement program. For more specs to help determine if this is the right projector for your family, check out the Epson Home Cinema 3500 Projector here on the Epson website.

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