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The BabyBjörn Booster Chair is the ideal booster for both home use and for dining outside of the house.  It’s small, lightweight and can be secured to a seat with minimal effort.  Coming from a well-respected brand like BabyBjörn, known for being a leader in baby carriers, it’s no surprise that this seat is so well designed.  Also, because it was originally designed for the European market, where families often carry their boosters around versus relying on restaurants to provide them, this seat is especially portable.  It weighs only a little over 2-1/2 pounds and has a convenient indentation just underneath the front of the seat that serves as a handle. My daughter enjoys carrying her chair around all by herself, and I can’t complain when she enthusiastically offers to carry her own gear!

I love that you can attach this booster to any standard chair in a matter of seconds and feel confident that it’s not going to budge.  Rubber pads on the bottom of the seat help create a seal against the chair (while also protecting your chair from any scratches), and a belt reaches around the sides of the chair to buckle underneath.  The real innovation is in the knob at the back of the booster.  Just press the knob in and turn clockwise to tighten the belt until there’s no wiggle to the booster.  The belt is pulled into the seat to keep everything very neat and out of the way.  It’s easy to do and requires very little strength, so no wrestling with this booster.  When you’re ready to remove the booster, just press the knob in again and turn in the opposite direction until it’s loose enough to reach underneath and unbuckle the belt.  There’s even a space under the seat so that you can retract the belt all the way up against the seat and out of the way when transporting or storing it.  No loose belts dangling everywhere!

This seat is best for a child who is a little bit older and ready to leave a high chair – it’s recommended for children 3 years and up.  By the time your child uses this seat, she should be trusted to sit well independently, as there are no straps to actually hold the child to the seat.  There are ridges on the top of the seat, however, to provide some friction, so that your child doesn’t slide off.

The seat has an elegant white design that’s pleasing to an adult aesthetic.  All surfaces are hard plastic and curves are gentle, making it easy to wipe clean – no crevices for food to get caught.  Plus, the curve of the seat makes for a comfortable surface for your little one’s bottom, and chances are good that your child will be happy to sit still for quite a while.  You’ll also be happy to know that the seat is PVC-free, with no phthalates or BPA.

So, if you’re looking for a seat that will let your child sit at the table with you at a comfortable height and could also benefit from a booster that is easy to transport between home, the grandparents’ house and restaurants, the BabyBjörn Booster Chair is a great choice.  Learn more at

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