Cuppies – BPA-free cups with a surprise

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Cuppies – BPA-free cups with a surprise

Whether you have a child eager to transition to a big kid cup or you’re looking for help weaning the little one from her sippy, you’ll love Cuppies. Not only do they come in just the right size with double handles and fun colors, these cups include an added surprise – a small animal molded into the bottom of each cup!

Looking for a new cup for my daughter, I wanted one was light to carry and easy to grip.  I saw a few that would do the trick, but when I came across Cuppies, there was the extra element of delight that was just too good to pass up.  The first time my daughter drank from a Cuppy, she, too, loved the added surprise and giggled at the piggy “swimming” in her cup.  With several animals to choose from, you can keep the smiles coming with a frog, penguin and more.

The cups are molded from a plant-based plastic that is BPA and phthalate-free, so you don’t have to worry about any toxins leaching into your child’s beverage.  Their heft is perfect for a toddler, while the double handles and slightly textured surface make it easy for little hands to grip from different angles, preventing slips and spills.  I love that the entire cup is one molded piece, which helps with cleaning (washing the crevices and multiple parts of some kiddy cups drives me nuts!) and makes for a very durable cup that won’t fall apart.  Cuppies are also dishwasher safe.  All colors are integrated into the plastic versus being painted on, preserving the look of the cup over time while also eliminating any concern about paint chipping off.

Cuppies have been a welcome addition to our dinner table and make staying hydrated a lot more fun!  They’re available at

 Cuppies BPA free cups with a surprise

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