Foodii Squeeze Snack Filling and Feeding System


With so many squeeze pouch food manufacturers out there, I was intrigued by the Foodii Squeeze Snack Filling and Feeding System which allows you to make your own food and fill in your own pouches. After trying out the Started Kit, overall I think the product is good, but not a must-have. The Starter Kit comes with pre-sterilized twist pouches, 2 snack spouts for feeding pureed foods directly from the pouches, 1 pop-in soft silicone squeeze spoon and 1 squeeze snack filler. The idea of being able to make my own pureed foods rather than store bought was great because I liked that my little one was getting the freshest and most wholesome ingredients. Squeeze pouches have also proven to be popular because they are so convenient and you can eat/feed from directly, so it seems like the Foodii would be a great solution. The Foodii System also works with Kozi food warmer and other feeding systems by Kinde such as breastmilk and formula feeding systems. I tried to make two types of foods, steamed carrots and chicken and rice puree. After I steamed the food and pureed it in the blender, I filled the snack filler with the mixture and popped on the lid. the spout fits perfectly into the cap of the squeeze pouch. The snack filler was squeezable so it the food dispensed pretty easily into the pouch. However, it left a lot of food in the the filler, so I had to go in and scrape it clean with a spatula—I hate to waste food! The filler only filled about two-three pouches, so there was a lot of refilling. Dispensing the food was just like any other squeeze pouch. the spouts that come with the kit worked well, and although the silicone spoon was nice and soft, the hole was a bit small that if you had any chunks in your puree, it would get easily clogged. Pros – Can use our own homemade food – Convenient to use when on the go   Cons – Not the easiest to fill, left a lot of food in filler; and had to refill numerous times. – The pouches aren’t reusable, which makes it expensive and not eco-friendly   Overall, I think the Foodii system is a good idea but I wouldn’t substitute if for everyday baby food making (the old ice cube tray still does the trick for me). However, if you are on the go and want to pack some easy to dispense and carry food, this works well. Your baby is eating the food you prepared rather than store bought, which is great, but the bags can get expensive and not reusable.

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