Innopbaby Sippin’ Smart™ ez flow straw sippy / 10 oz


My 17 month old has been using the Sippin’ Smart™ ez flow straw sippy / 10 oz for a month now.  Before I comment on this cup I would like to say that my daughter has chewed through every sippy cup I have given her or stuck her finger in the silicone slit of the spout and ripped it wide open.  She is the true sippy cup durability tester.  If a cup thinks it is spill proof, leak proof, or anything proof, just give it to my daughter to prove it wrong!

So now for my opinion of the Sippin’ Smart™ ez flow straw sippy / 10 oz.  This cup has a straw that my daughter simply cannot stick her finger into no matter how hard she tries.  It is strong yet easy to sip from.  The cup has handles so it is easy to hold and it also has a flip top that closes down on the straw.  My daughter was able to detach the flip top by throwing the cup across the room so I have just left it off to avoid any aggravation on my end.  The cup works flawlessly without this orange flip top to protect the straw.  Inside the cup, the straw is weighted with a ball so even the last drop of milk is sipped right up.  The very best part of this cup is that it comes with a skinny mini straw cleaner so you can be sure to get any liquid residue out and have a super clean cup for your child.  This particular cup is plastic but Innobaby makes a stainless steel liner that you can insert.  I wish I had that….

All in all, this cup is pretty good considering my daughter cant break it.  The only…and I mean only complaint I can make is that occasionally the milk bubbles out of the top of the straw creating a tiny leak.  I guess air gets in the straw and it pushes the milk out of the straw spout on its own  The best way to avoid this from happening is to shut the flip top over the straw when it isn’t in use.  Bravo to Innobaby for making this cup!


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