Milkies Milk-Saver Breast Milk Collector

Overall, this product worked well for me.  I use it on the opposite side from which I’m feeding. Generally I collect a good amount of milk in these, which saves me from getting milk all over my shirts and having to constantly wash them every time I breastfeed.  I still use pads afterwards for extra dripping, but I feel much better knowing that I saved a few ounces of milk as opposed to wasting it.
Sometimes it can be difficult as your baby gets a little older and wants to grab at it, so just be careful, because it will pour out easily depending on how full it is. Not a huge issue for me, but just wanted to warn you. Also, make sure you take into consideration that this product is very big, not something you will be wearing in public under your bra.
I do think the product should potentially come with two for that price, as there are times when I would love to have them on both breasts after a feeding given that I switch sides often during feedings.

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