Oogaa Feeding Tools Review Oogaa Feeding Tools Review


We just got the Oogaa baby mealtime set and silicone placemat and we love them. The Oogaa baby mealtime set includes the colorful silicone bowl and designer spoons, one with a train on top, and one with an airplane.

When my daughter was almost 1 year old she was going through a phase where she would ONLY eat food she could pick up herself (i.e., she was resisting being spoon fed.) But then along came the most colorful adorable spoons from Oogaa with an airplane and a train right on them, and mealtime changed completely. She loves opening wide for the train or the plane to make their landing in her mouth. At first I worried that the size of the scoop on the spoon was too big for her mouth because we had been using those little metal baby spoons with much smaller heads. But she opens up her mouth super wide to let this spoon in. It’s fun to watch! Now, just a little over a month after starting using these playful spoons, she reaches out and holds the spoon herself. I like that the spoons were designed with longer handles for adult hands, but I think it also has been helping my daughter in this learning to feed herself phase. The industrial designers over at Oogaa scored a “win-win” with the long handle design.

 The silicone spoons and bowl are easy to clean, and are microwave and dishwasher safe. I must admit that I usually end up washing them by hand because I don’t want to wait until the load in the dishwasher is clean to get to use them again. They really do make mealtime more fun. After a few months of use, the vibrant colors aren’t fading, and neither is the pliable material deteriorating in any way. The mealtime set is sturdy and we use it all the time. It’s comforting to know that the silicone is BPA free

We also got the matching silicone placemat, and we love it too. Not only is it helpful because it doesn’t slide on the surface of the table, but it also rolls up small so I can take it in the diaper bag when we go out to restaurants, so baby can eat right at the table off of the placemat, and we don’t have to worry about her tossing a plate full of food to the ground.

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