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collectionAs your child hits 6 months and enters the exciting world of solids, you’ll find yourself stocking your kitchen with miniature versions of tableware that is safe for little ones and gives them a good start to becoming self-sufficient eaters. Started by parents focused on creating safe, functional and fun baby products, Piyo Piyo takes care of many of your little one’s dining needs with their bright yellow feeding collection.

The BPA-free Bendies Bendable Spoon and Fork Set includes utensils with wide handles covered in a rubbery material for small hands to easily grip. The duck at the end of each handle not only serves as a fun eating buddy, but also keeps utensils from slipping out of your child’s hand. “Duck duck” was one of my baby’s first words, making it easy for him to ask for Piyo Piyo items and clue us in that he was ready to eat! The set’s handles bend so that food can more easily reach little mouths, making it easier to feed a child when seated beside him, while also making it easier for baby to eventually feed himself.

With an overseas origin, Piyo Piyo also provides Children’s Training Chopsticks, recommended for more experienced eaters, aged 2-8. My preschooler loves these chopsticks that let her eat noodles just like mommy and daddy. It’s surprising how well she does with them. To facilitate dining, the chopsticks are attached at the top end, so that they never come apart and have a natural spring to separate the tips between bites. Instead of points, flat, ridged surfaces sit at the bottom end of the chopsticks, making them better equipped to hold onto food. Soft silicone rings for the thumb and two fingers help your child understand proper finger positioning as well. Just note that the finger positioning is intended for right-handed children, so unfortunately this product won’t work so well for the left-handed.

collectionFor food and drink containment, Piyo Piyo offers an Easy Reach Sippy Cup and a Ultralight Lunch Box, both BPA free.  The Sippy Cup was an automatic favorite when both my kids saw it.  With a big duck head that rotates out of the way to reveal the straw, how could any kid not want to drink out of it? Love that the cover protects the straw when not in use.  Also, a number of design considerations have gone into making this an ideal cup for young ones.  The base flares out a bit to provide a wider bottom that is harder to tip. Double handles make it easy to hold and position for drinking. The straw has a flexible, weighted design that makes it easy to get almost every last drop out of the cup, while bending to reach little mouths that may be at a lower level. Cross cut, the straw is spill resistant – fantastic for reducing the number of clean-ups you’ll have to do! My only caution is that the cover is a brittle plastic that only survived a couple tosses to the ground, so you may want to hold off on giving this to children who are still inclined to throw items to the ground during mealtime.

The Ultralight Lunch Box is dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. An internal divider can split the box into 3 compartments, while you can add a top layer for a fourth. Alternatively, remove the dividers and the top layer to have one large container. The best part is the included spoon, which attaches securely to the bottom of the lid, so that you’re never without a eating utensil.

In addition to feeding items, Piyo Piyo has a broad range of products to cover everything from bath to toy to nursery. Learn more about them at piyopiyousa.com.

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