Poncho Baby – Nursing Cover and Bandana Bib


Poncho Baby has you and your child covered (literally!) when it comes to feeding time for baby.  Made from 100% muslin, their nursing cover and bandana are both stylishly and practically designed, so that you enjoy putting them on yourself and baby.  They’re soft, breathable and wash well, with bold colors still intact after several washings.  I also love that Poncho Baby’s nursing cover and bib are available in the same colors, so you and baby can match!

The nursing cover is a favorite because it not only keeps you covered in front, but also has a back panel (poncho-style!) that shields your back as well.  This is great since I often nurse wearing a regular shirt, and when I lift my shirt to nurse, I’m exposed in the back as well as the front.  While I appreciate the poncho’s assistance in modestly covering my bare skin, I really love it for keeping the chill off my back.  I even use it while pumping at work, when I’m in the privacy of the pumping room but still am exposed to the cool air in the room.  The cover includes a structured neckline that makes it easy to peek in on your nursing child as well as two pockets along the bottom hem for storing small items you want to keep close.

When it comes to style, Poncho Baby gets high marks for looking beyond the traditional nursing cover and designing products that are more in line with everyday fashion.  This is a nursing cover that blends well with your attire, so it doesn’t feel odd walking around with it draped over your shoulders.  This is a great benefit since my baby tends to be a snacker, nursing a bit and then wanting to play before coming back for more.  Rather than pulling the cover on and off, I find myself just leaving it on, especially since the Poncho Baby design doesn’t make me feel out of place.

Style extends to the very cute Bandana Bib, which gives any baby wearing it a bit of hipster cred.  The solid colors along with the bandana shape stand out among the sea of pastel bibs with cartoon images.  Double layered, it provides good protection against food and drool, while being easy to wash.  With the second layer being a complimentary and equally attractive color, you can easily turn the bib around for a new look.  Two sets of snaps are ideal for your growing baby and give you room for adjustment.  A fun item that always draws comments from friends and family!

Look for their line to continue to expand with an organic line due out this Spring.  For more information about Poncho Baby products, please visit www.ponchobaby.com.

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