WarmZe bottle warmer


The WarmZe bottle warming wrap and bottle soc is a clever and convenient invention.  Conceptually, it is very much like the boot warmers and hand warmers I use when I go snow skiing.  The WarmZe starter kit comes with everything you need to warm your baby’s bottle when you are on the go.  It comes with a warming wrap which is activated when removed from its plastic wrapper and hit the air, and a cute little cow print soc for your bottle which protects your bottle from the direct contact of the warming wrap.  Together, these items completely warm the bottle within 30 minutes and can keep the bottle warm for nearly 12 hours.  There is no need for electrical outlets or hot running water which makes this warmer perfect for travel or anytime you are not at home.  To use it, you simply slip the bottle soc over your bottle, then unwrap the warming wrap from its plastic wrapper and wrap it around the bottle soc.  It warms up by itself and looks cute while doing it.  After the first time using this bottle warmer I was hooked.  To make this warmer even better, it is reusable for the whole day…up to 12 hours!  This feature allows me to be out all day with my kids and just pop the warmer back on when its time to warm the next bottle from my cooler.  Sadly, however, the warming wraps eventually cool down and need to be thrown out, but the fact that they are environmentally friendly and non-toxic makes up for it.

I really like the WarmZe bottle warmer because I use glass bottles for my babies and they get so cold so fast.  I usually travel with a cooler and an ice pack to keep the bottles cold and fresh but when it comes time to feed I find that they are too cold to give to my kids.  I was happy to find the WarmZe bottle warming system because it is easy to use and does the job.  The packaging also makes them easy to stick in my diaper bag and carry with me.  I am usually pretty regimented about feeding my babies and I try to stick to a schedule and that is when this warmer is ideal.  However, there are those days when my kids are just hungry all the time and I don’t have 30 minutes to wait for a bottle to warm.  Even then, in a pinch, after just 10 minutes, the WarmZe has warmed my bottles enough to give my kids.  Another way I use this warmer is I activate it as I leave the house so it is already warm when I need it.  Then I can slip in on a bottle and within a few minute it takes the chill out.  I have found ways to be creative with my WarmZe bottle warmer to make it work for me and I have been very satisfied.  This is a great product!!

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