ALTAR Bliss Herbal Martini

July 02, 2013 by

ALTAR Bliss Herbal Martini

Nine months of water and juice while my husband enjoys a nice glass of wine can certainly get old, so it’s been great to discover ALTAR Herbal Martinis, a new non-alcoholic beverage that comes in an elegant glass bottle.  While ALTAR can be used as a mixer to pair with champagne, gin, vodka or another favorite liquor, it also tastes fantastically refreshing on its own, alcohol-free.

ALTAR Martinis come in five varieties with names that hint at the goodness they can bestow on you – Aphrodisiac, Restore, Chill, Chi and Bliss.  While I haven’t tasted the other four varieties, I can vouch for Bliss being a delightful and delicate balance of fruit and exotic herbs that include organic white grapes, rose petals, lemon balm, hibiscus and elderflower.  The creators of the ALTAR drinks certainly have a talent for seeking out and combining unique flavors to create exciting new blends!

Especially great after being chilled and poured into a nice champagne flute, ALTAR Bliss is a drink with a grown-up flavor that can hold its own among other sophisticated adult drinks while only containing ingredients that are good for your pregnant belly.

Learn more about ALTAR Herbal Martinis at and purchase bottles online from Mikuni Wild Harvest.

 ALTAR Bliss Herbal Martini

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2 responses to “ALTAR Bliss Herbal Martini”

  1. Lemon Balm?! Not an herb for pregnant women or for those who have hypothyroidism. Major contraindications!

  2. Also gotu kola increases chances of skin cancers like melanoma etc.. When you are pregnant you are even more prone to sun damage. Who said these are good for pregnant women??

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