Bundle Organics Juices for Expecting and New Moms



These organic juices are such a welcome, refreshing change from water.  I’m expecting my second child soon and am constantly needing to hydrate but find plain water either boring or downright distasteful without some doctoring.  I love coconut water, but that gets old as well.  With Bundle Organics juices, I know I’m getting lots of baby-friendly nutrients, like folic acid, calcium, vitamin D, and omega-3, and that it’s all pasteurized so I don’t have to worry.  It’s nice to know my beverage was specifically made for pregnant women, and they taste really good too.

My favorite flavor is the dark berry with spinach and kale.  There is a strong apple flavor as that is the first ingredient, but the berry flavor comes through too.  The kale, apple, ginger, and  orange, carrot, berry flavors are great too, and lighter tasting, but not too acidic.  I was worried the citrus flavors would aggravate my heartburn but I didn’t have any trouble.  And none of the juices have added sugar or cane juice which is great.  I think I will continue to drink these when I’m nursing to get those extra nutrients and calories.

If you’re going to drink juice in pregnancy or while nursing, I think these are a great option.  It’s too bad that they’re only available online or at Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby right now, along with some other small retailers, but I am spending a lot of time in these stores so it’s not too hard to pick some up.  The one draw back is the price, these run about $6 for a 16oz. bottle, but maybe with wider distribution the price will go down.  For now, it’s a tasty treat during these last, very uncomfortable, days of pregnancy.


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