Hampton Creek’s Just Cookie Dough – Cookie Dough You Can Eat!


Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in one’s life, but it does have its drawbacks – no sushi, no cold cuts, no soft cheeses, and no cookie dough. Nine months craving these tasty but forbidden treats can seem like forever. Luckily, for those who are currently pregnant, cookie dough is back on the menu. Hampton Creek has come to the rescue with a cookie dough that’s free of raw eggs!

With egg and dairy-free options, Hampton Creek foods are ideal for those who are pregnant, vegan or watching their cholesterol. However, many more are sure to indulge, as Hampton Creek foods are also delicious and often cheaper that their animal-based counterparts. I know what you’re thinking – cookie dough without milk and eggs? How is that even possible? After personally sampling some myself, I can vouch that Hampton Creek’s plant-based version is just as good, if not better, than most cookie dough you’ve tasted. You won’t miss the milk or egg one bit.

Because Just Cookie Dough eliminates raw eggs and uses heat-treated flour, it eliminates the two key culprits behind salmonella. So, not only is this cookie dough fine for pregnant ladies, it’s also safer for the other members of your family. Of course, if you prefer baked cookies, Just Cookie Dough can also be placed in the oven, transforming into a perfect combination of crisp and chewy that rivals most non-vegan cookies you’ve tasted. Chances are, most people wouldn’t guess they were eating dairy and egg-free cookies unless they were explicitly told.

So how do they do it? Hampton Creek has set about to reinvent food as we know it, providing a more sustainably produced, more affordable option that is also tastier, safer and more in line with our various food needs. Knowing that egg production can be energy intensive and, in many cases, involves caged chickens, Hampton Creek’s first goal has been replacing the egg. Their team of scientists and data analysts has cataloged plants around the world to find the most suitable matches – ones with texture and cooking properties similar to the egg. As difficult as this sounds, Hampton Creek has already succeeded with their Just Mayo line and now with Just Cookie Dough. Next, they’re going after the actual egg, aiming to launch Just Scramble at the end of the year. I had the pleasure of sampling their latest Just Scramble prototype in their San Francisco headquarters. Even knowing that I wasn’t eating a real egg, it was hard to believe it was anything other than an egg. With just a couple more modifications, there’s no doubt they have the world’s first eggless scrambled egg nailed.

While it’s already quite a feat that Hampton Creek has found an egg replacement, even more impressive is their commitment to keeping their foods affordable and accessible, so that you’re not forced to make the choice between quality and price. Imagine how easy grocery shopping gets once the tastiest choice is also the healthiest, cheapest and most responsibly produced.

Hampton Creek’s Just Cookie Dough is currently available in chocolate chip and can be found at select Whole Foods ($4.99 for 14oz) and Costcos ($6.79 for 32 oz), with supplies soon spreading to Krogers, Ralphs, King Soopers and Fred Meyers across the country. Learn more about Hampton Creek at www.hamptoncreek.com or find some at your local grocery store. Enjoy! You can now have cookie dough once again!

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