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Need some new snacks to help satisfy your pregnancy cravings or load up on a few more calories as a nursing mom? As you search for foods that fill you up without weighing you down, these may be just the tasty, better-for-you treats you’re looking for.


Seven Sundays Gluten-Free Blueberry Chia Muesli

Seven Sundays was born from the realization that so much of the cereal we consume in the U.S. is processed in some way – made into a flake, ring, puff or other interesting shape. When the husband and wife founding team traveled to New Zealand, they found muesli and were inspired to bring this unprocessed, delicious breakfast food to America. Highly versatile, this mix of all-natural gluten-free oats, organic honey, coconut, blueberries, apples, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and buckwheat flour can be eaten cold, hot, soaked, mixed with yogurt or mixed into a hotcake. It comes in a cute, resealable stand-up pouch that gives you plenty of ideas for how to consume it. I tried it both hot and cold, and while I’m generally not a fan of hot cereal, I was impressed. Their mix of tastes and textures, including a burst of flavor with each blueberry encounter, really makes this a satisfying breakfast. Take extra joy in knowing that Seven Sundays’ Muesli doesn’t include any oil or refined sugars – just organic honey and real fruit. I didn’t realize just how sweet my every day cereal was until I compared it to Seven Sundays. For those of you who are avoiding gluten, you’ll also love that this is a great gluten-free option.


Way Better Snacks 

During the later stages of my pregnancy, when it was hard to get large meals down, I was snacking all the time. With so many unhealthy options out there, it was really easy to consume junk that wasn’t so great for baby or myself. Luckily, there are better options. “Way Better Snacks” offers nutrition-packed, non-GMO tortilla chips and crackers made from sprouted barley and heritage grains. They’re high in omega 3s and antioxidants and low in sodium and saturated fat. Their new gluten-free, whole grain Sweeet Potato Ginger Kissed corn tortilla chips combine two great flavors. You won’t even want salsa for fear that it might overwhelm this already great chip.

In addition to tortilla chips, Way Better Snacks just introduced a new line of Sprouted Barley Crackers that come in creatively named RoseMARRY Me and Olive Oil, Beyond Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper, Back in Black Bean and Salsa, and Mustard and Cheddar Way Better. I am most enamored with RoseMARRY Me and Olive Oil, which I eat straight out of the bag. The Mustard and Cheddar and Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper varieties have a bit of a bite and pair fantastically with cheese.


Given how much I’ve enjoyed Angie’s line of delicious popcorn, I was eager to try their newest product – BOOMCHICKAPUFFS. A puffed snack made from baked ancient grains quinoa and sorghum, BOOMCHICKAPUFFS come in a variety of flavors, ranging from White Cheddar to Sweet Barbecue and Sweet & Salty. Huge fans of white cheddar, my family dove into the White Cheddar bag first and devoured it immediately – easy to do, as each bite is so light, crunchy and full of cheesy flavor. Moving onto the other two flavors, I’ll admit I was skeptical about Sweet Barbecue and Sweet & Salty, but these proved to be highly enticing as well. Fun to eat and extremely tasty, Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPUFFS will keep you coming back for more.




Biena_Image_Habanero_0115_V2_full sizeBiena Roasted Chickpeas

Dreamed up by Poorvi Patodia during her maternity leave, Biena was founded by a mom who saw the opportunity to develop a delicious, nutritious snack that also fills you up. Biena Roasted Chickpeas are non-GMO, gluten-free chickpeas that have been roasted to give you a satisfying crunch with each protein-packed bite. While tiny, these chickpeas contain almost 25% of one’s daily fiber requirement while containing 65% less fat than a chip or nut. Their flavors include Cinnamon Maple, Honey Roasted, Sea Salt, Barbeque and a brand new Habanero, which is fantastic! It blends real habanero chili with a touch of lemon for a mouth-watering combination.



9115_Prenatal_RFOCountry Life Prenatal Vitamins

As either an expecting or breastfeeding mom, you’re likely a regular consumer of prenatal vitamins. While we strive to eat well and consume nutritious meals, many of us don’t give much thought to our vitamins because they’re vitamins. Aren’t all vitamins good by definition? However, it turns out that vitamins have different standards just like food. Country Life has over 40 years of history bringing quality products to market, and their supplements are no different. Their prenatal supplements are made from forty USDA organic fruits, vegetables and sprouts that are specially processed through fermentation and freeze drying to preserve as many of their nutrients as possible. With 3 tablets daily, you’re getting the equivalent of 4 servings of fruits and vegetables. These tablets are easy to swallow and easy on the stomach, making it easier for you to incorporate into your daily routine.


Vertical Water Adobe Photoshop PDF

Intrigued by the name and this new category of water? Vertical Water is 100% pure maple water that has been harvested from living maple trees during their natural Spring awakening, when they pull in water to rehydrate and carry nutrients throughout their systems. Tapping the trees for their water doesn’t harm the tree. It’s essentially maple syrup before it’s been boiled down to concentrate the sugars. As a more diluted form, maple water is subtly sweet with hints of the characteristic maple flavor. It has 3g of naturally occurring sugar per serving and fewer calories than coconut water. Nothing is added and nothing is removed from this very pure, naturally filtered water. Great served alone as a refreshing chilled drink or combined with coffee, smoothies, tea or juices. You can even use it to add a touch of maple to rice, oatmeal or quinoa. As for the name, Vertical Water speaks to the company’s mission to help preserve forests by finding productive uses that don’t hurt the trees.


AF CJs Double Chocolate Chip Cookie mixAmong Friends Baking Mixes

What pregnancy-geared list of foods would be complete without dessert and chocolate? Admittedly, the Among Friends Baking Mixes were one of the first items we dove into when putting together this food review. Made with whole grains, these mixes make delicious baked treats. We tried their gluten-free ‘Liv it up Chocolate Cake Mix, which we made into bite-sized chocolate cupcakes that the whole family enjoyed. A frosting recipe is provided on the package, so you can easily whip this dessert together without having to search for a separate recipe. While we were dubious how the Among Friends gluten-free variety would compare with the traditional chocolate cupcake, we were pleasantly surprised, and the little ones in the house never had any clue they were eating anything different. Very chocolaty and moist, this mix did not disappoint. Among Friends also recently came out with Darcy’s Chocolate Chip Cookie, so you can now satisfy many chocolate cravings with one trusted brand.

If reading this review has made your stomach start to grumble, the good news is that many of these foods are available at grocery stores near you. Click on the links in each headline above to find the store closest to you. Bon appetite!

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