Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad Review

The Smart Changing Pad by Hatch Baby is a perfect example of how technology advancements can make parents’ lives easier and create easy access to more information about their child than ever possible before.

The Smart Changing Pad is a changing pad with a touch screen that allows you to track the number of wet and dirty diapers your baby goes through, as well as their weight and even how many ounces they are getting from breastfeeding. This information is then transmitted directly to an easy-to-use app that also has features for tracking sleep, pumping sessions and more. This information can be displayed in various graph forms to allow you to track your baby’s growth, eating habits, and sleeping patterns.

As a mother of a premature baby who also had difficulty with breastfeeding, the Smart Changing Pad was a lifesaver. Rather than having to go to the doctor regularly for weight checks, I could be assured that my baby was gaining weight each day by using this pad. It also allowed me to see how much she was eating by weighing her before and after breastfeeding sessions, measuring her intake down to a tenth of an ounce. When my doctor asked me how many wet and dirty diapers she was going through, another measurement to ensure she was eating enough, I had that information right at my fingertips. Now that my baby is growing and getting on more of a schedule, I can also see her sleeping and eating patterns, which makes our day more predictable.

The pad is lightweight, easy to set up, and soft and comfortable for my baby. I only wish it came with more colors and patterns, or the ability to put a cover on top of the soft pad it comes with. The app itself is very intuitive and makes it easy to input data through the phone as well. It would be great to have a feature that allows you to download the charts or send them to others.

One of the most important ways to track our children’s health and progress is through their growth and eating habits. I recommend the Smart Changing Pad and accompanying app to any parent who is interested in an easy way to monitor this progress and have more data right at their fingertips. In particular, this is also an excellent resource for any breastfeeding mother. It was only after talking to other mothers that I discovered how common breastfeeding difficulties are and how little information and resources are out there for mothers to help address this. The Smart Changing Pad fills a great need to help boost a mother’s confidence in their ability to successfully breastfeed their child.

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