Pish Posh Baby’s Skip Hop Playspot Foam Tiles


These foam tiles are great for a baby 6 months and older. They are colorful, soft and link together, giving a lot of flexibility to size and design of tiled area. You can create a nice big square foam tile area if you use all of the tiles. Great for baby to sit on or even to use under other toys or a play mat.

These tiles add a layer of softness to any floor. They are particularly good for babies who can sit up and enjoy playing with toys or books while sitting right on the tiles. They can be used for babies who are lying down on them, but they are too firm for infants or babies who may not be able to remain in a sitting position.

The colors are fun. The tiles add good decor to any room. They are playful and decorative, while also being practical. They can delineate a baby play area in a large room. Or one or more tiles can be used to create a smaller area.

I recommend these tiles for use on a hardwood floor or other cold/hard surfaces, to create a safe environment for Baby. Baby can crawl or scoot over them and the pieces are big enough for Baby to grab and hold. These tiles are terrific.

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