Review: Sassypop Play Pod


The Sassypop Play Pod is a fun, portable playmat that’s designed to grow with your baby. For a mother constantly going back and forth from friends and family’s homes, this has become a must-have.

The Play Pod hits on all the senses a baby needs to properly develop: Hearing (fabric rattles, bells), Touch (different textures), Taste (teething rings), Vision (bright contrast colors, black and white, big heads and eyes). The Pod is also very customizable. It allows you to remove any of the toys it comes with and hang your own as well. 

The sides come up about all the way around serving as a wall to keep your baby from wiggling away. My baby used the wall with his feet to start turning himself over. The wall also prevents our two small dogs from licking him while he plays…a small added bonus.  The mat is padded enough that you can lay your baby on a hard surface but if you are doing tummy time I would recommend putting something additional underneath. The padding is not thick enough for face planting.

This playmat is wonderful for moms on the go. I bring this with me every time I leave the house. It is super easy to pop out, fold up, and put in the carrying case. I also stuff extra toys in the bag for travel. Great for taking to friends houses that don’t have kids. My baby has been known to take a nap in the pod since it has a soft cushion. Make sure to watch the YouTube video on how to fold it up. 

This play pod is also great for baby’s that sit up, as you can take down the bars and turn it into a little ball pit or confined play area. You can buy the balls separately online.  The fabric allows for easy clean up, as I just use a wet paper towel to clean up the occasional spit up and drool, however you can wash it in the washing machine and air dry it if necessary. 

I’m very happy with the Sassy Play Pod and would not only recommend it to on-the-go moms, but to any mom looking for a fun, customizable play mat for their little one. 

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