Tiny Love Play Gym


We’ve enjoyed the Tiny Love Play Gym.  It’s an activity mat that has a rattle and a other hanging toys for baby to look at and listen to.  It’s been a nice place to put the baby down– it’s fairly padded so she’s not right on the floor. The mat itself has a few areas that make sounds.  The hanging toys are wonderful for a very young baby to focus on.  They are located at a good distance for babies to be able to engage.  We’ve been using the mat to entertain the baby for short periods of time.  Will be useful for “tummy time” stretching too. On the plus side:

  • The mat is easy to fold, easy to clean and very light weight.
  • It is lightly padded and can be used on a rug or any hard surface.
  • It’s a good value and a great alternate place to put baby down for a bit of entertainment!
  • The two best hanging toys are the turtle rattle and the musical sun.

If only:

  • The sun has a battery pack in it.  The main improvement I would make to this product is to have stronger velcro to hold the battery pack in.  It does seem to come open due to the weight of the battery.
  • Also, would be better if the sun played ongoing music.  As it is now, it plays one short tune and then stops.
  • Would be nice if the mat were a bit more padded– it does the job but works best on a carpet, since it is not plush.
  •  Unlike other similar mats I’ve seen, this one does not have a pillow to help prop the baby up on for tummy time.  A pillow would be helpful.

Overall, it is a good product.  For new babies, it serves as a soft surface and a colorful toy.  As babies grow and develop, it will allow them to entertain themselves a bit and to be engaged with the toys hanging at various levels. You can see more at pishposhbaby.com

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