Abiie Beyond Junior Y High Chair


Highly recommend this chair! So, I’ll admit that my husband and I cheaped out on buying a nice high chair with our son and instead opted for the IKEA Antilop High Chair. While this chair has been fine for the last 6 months, what it was missing is what the Beyond Junior Y High Chair serves up. We had decided not to spend a lot of money on a high chair as we heard many complaints from parents that the big fancy ones end up taking up a lot of space, are hard to move around and can also be difficult to clean. What we had enjoyed about our cheap IKEA version is that it was compact and very easy to clean. However, as our son grew (and grew and grew) and is now a year old, he outgrew the IKEA version and we new he needed something sturdier that didn’t risk toppling over due to his spastic ways.

What we really like about this chair: The Beyond Junior Chair offers a nice design and doesn’t look like a traditional high chair. In fact, the design is much more similar to the Stokke Tripp Trapp chair. It has a padded seat and back, which looks and feels much more comfortable than many of the hard plastic chairs in other seats. The high chair also has a removable plastic tray that can be easily detached while my son is still in the seat and wiped clean. The harness and seat belt securely fasten him in. Feeding him from a seat at our kitchen table is also much more comfortable now as this high chair has him at a higher level, so we don’t have to crouch down to offer him food.

The only thing I wish this high chair had was wheels. While it is relatively light for the quality of the wood, it would be so much easier to move if it had wheels. Perhaps in the next version.

For, now we’re really enjoying that this chair will be one he can grow with. The picture on the box shows that this can even be a seat adults use!  In hindsight, I’d say we should have invested in this one a bit sooner. Glad to have it now. It’s a nice addition to our kitchen and I can tell our son is much more comfortable while eating.Abiie-Beyond-Junior-Y-High-Chair_d5b73da2-0b16-451b-9851-f06d5e669b74_1024x1024

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