Evenflo Jump and Learn Excersaucer


The Evenflo Jump and Learn Excersaucer is the newest addition to our playroom.  It has a jungle theme and is designed in multiple shades of green with colorful animals attached to its perimeter.  All of the toys are easily detachable so we can take them along for my son to play with when we are out.  Up above within arm’s reach there is a soft plush monkey that hangs from a green vine, a yellow lion perched up on a plastic leaf and an orange giraffe with colorful plastic rings on its neck.  Along the rim of the excersaucer is a little tray for you to place a snack or drink as well as two toys that light up and play music.  One musical toy is an elephant and the other is a little flip book with cute animals on the pages.  The height of the bouncy seat is adjustable and at 4 months old, my son fits perfectly in the lowest setting with his toes just barely touching the floor.


  • Very sturdy- this excersaucer is built very well and does not wobble or bend
  • Completely washable- The plastic parts are wipeable and the fabric seat is washable too
  • The height is adjustable giving your child room to grow
  • Detachable toys- you can pop the toys out of there spots quite easily so your child can play with them on the go
  • Attractive- the jungle theme and colorful animals help make this toy very visually appealing
  • Musical- the musical toys add extra stimulation and encourage your child to touch the different shapes and colors
  • Physical activity- allows your baby to use all parts of his/her body


  • Because this excersauser is built so well, it is best to assemble it in the room in which you plan to keep it.  It is not easily taken apart and it cannot fit through a doorway.

The Jump and Learn Excersaucer is great.  I look forward to watching my son discover all the different things he can play with and learn from this toy.  Since he is only 4 months old, I know this toy will provide him with many months of activity, both mental and physical.

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