The Oribel PortaPlay Activity Center Grows with My Baby


The Oribel PortaPlay convertible activity center is a portable bouncer/activity table that can convert to a play table.  From set up and maintenance to our baby’s overall use, this activity center has exceeded all of our expectations.  I love the modern design and clean lines. It just looks like a well-made piece of furniture and not just a hunk of plastic that baby toys and accessories can tend to be.

The PortaPlay has become the epicenter of my 8-month old’s day. She can play with the different toys for long periods of time without getting bored, giving me a chance to sneak off into the kitchen to prepare a snack or milk, worry free. I can feed her while she plays in the PortaPlay, which makes feeding time easier since baby is occupied with the stationary toys in the activity center, avoiding having to pick up toys that have been flung to the ground.  All of the toys and the seat fabric miraculously wipe clean.  And there are no parts that can’t be cleaned or washed, no parts that are covered in fabric that can’t be removed (the seat is fabric, but it is fully removable for cleaning).  None of the toys require batteries, so maintenance is low and the activities are not noisy.

The other bonus is that my baby’s feet are directly on the ground and the activity center doesn’t collect dust below like other excersaucers. The legs are adjustable, so you can position it at just the right height for your little one. It’s clean, modern and multi-functional.  Assembly is a breeze – my husband didn’t even read the instructions, everything just clicked into place! The legs also fold making it portable and easy to store. I love that I’m going to be able to turn it into a kids play table when they outgrow the toys.

The only thing I could think of that would take this product from awesome to fantastic is if Oribel offerred additional toys that could pop in and out of the activity center, so when baby has had her fill of the current toys, you can replace them and cycle them in and out. The seat eventually can be taken out and replaced with an insert to convert to a play table. Once I can convert it to a play table, I will need chairs – and they should offer matching chairs. And to extend the life of the table, perhaps other inserts can be added in the center for other activities? Overall, the Oribel PortaPlay activity center is worth every penny – it’s easy to assemble, clean and maintain and hours and hours of fun/learning for your little one.  Now, I just have to hunt for some chairs!


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