Jahgoo 3-in-1 Training Potty

“Beautiful” is not a word that I would have expected to use with a potty, but it is highly fitting for the Jahgoo 3-in-1 Training Potty. Designed by a dad who didn’t think that having a child meant that he had to clutter his bathroom with the typical chunky plastic baby gear, the Jahgoo product line aims to function well while also pleasing the eye. Because my daughter is just at the beginning of her potty days and the potty will be a permanent fixture in our bathroom for quite a while, we were thrilled to give Jahgoo a try. It didn’t disappoint, either in form or function.

The 3-in-1 Training Potty comes in two different colors – classic white or playful lime – and serves three stages of potty training (potty, seat reducer and step stool). As a potty, it is nicely contoured and ergonomically designed. It has a comfortable seat and a removable reservoir that seals to the seat with a rubber rim. Because it doesn’t have a backboard like some potties, it is just as easy to support your child from the back as it is from the front. This is important as my daughter is eight months old and still needs to be held on the potty.

We practiced sitting our daughter on the potty so that she could get accustomed to it and didn’t have much expectation that she’d actually use it right away. However, she really enjoyed being on it, and, on the third sitting, we had success! Since a huge part of the potty training battle is getting your child to feel comfortable on the potty, we’re crediting a big part of the success to Jahgoo’s design.

I appreciate the many well thought-out details with this potty. The reservoir has a slightly raised lip in the front so that it is easy to lift off of the seat to empty. With no hard edges, it is really easy to give it a quick rinse and wipe without the worry that anything is caught in any difficult-to-clean crevices. The only place where form clashes with function is in the curves on the underside of the base. While they look great, they make the potty a little less stable when you have an active child squirming on the potty.

The Jahgoo potty is great in that it grows with your child. Once my daughter is old enough to sit on the adult toilet, the potty seat can be removed from the base and used as a seat reducer. A hole at the back of the seat allows you to hang it up and out of the way when not in use. The potty base can be turned over to become a step stool. The rubber at the bottom of the base that had kept the potty from slipping on my bathroom floor becomes a nonslip surface that makes the stool safer to stand on. Strong enough to support the weight of an adult, this step stool will continue to be useful long after my daughter is done with the potty – great news for those of us who are feeling guilty over all the large plastic items we buy as new parents.

To check out other products from Jahgoo, including bath items, and learn where to buy them, visit their website at www.kastelinternational.com. Great products for parents who are looking for well-designed baby gear!

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