Review: Lorex LIVE Sense Baby Monitor


[amazon asin=B005DE9IYC&template=image] [amazon asin=B005DE9IYC&text= Lorex LIVE Sense PT (LW2451)]

MSRP: $249.00 3.5” color screen; 450’ range; night vision; remote viewing via SKYPE

Lorex, a leading manufacturer of security cameras also makes a baby monitor line. Their LIVE Sense packs a powerful punch with a lot of features not found on most monitors as well as local viewing to a big 3.5” LCD screen, and remote viewing via the popular person- to-person video technology, SKYPE (PC only). Unlike other cameras with digital pan and tilt, the Lorex features include a camera that moves back and forth, though it does not zoom. It also has a micro SD slot to record motion-sensor activated events. This monitor watches the temperature in baby’s room and sends you alerts if it falls out of range. In addition to 2-way talk, it will even play lullabies. You can add up 3 more cameras to this system at $119 each.

Best for remote PC users.

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