Glamourmom Nursing Tank


I have had my fair share of nursing bras and tanks and absolutely prefer tanks made by Glamourmom. These nursing tanks are soft, comfortable, easy to use, and provide great support.

I love Glamourmom nursing tanks because they provide the most discretion when breastfeeding. I nurse in public and am conscientious of my belly so would rather not expose it if possible. With these tanks, the breast is even further covered because when you unsnap to nurse, the top part of the tank stays attached to the strap, creating an illusion that you are just holding your baby. It may not seem important when you are at a park with other mommies or at your sister’s house but you realize how important it is to be discrete when you are at a busy restaurant full of strange men and, gasp, teenagers and young adults who are even more uncomfortable than you with breastfeeding in public. I’ve tried covering myself with blankets and breastfeeding aprons but found them to be too distracting to my baby, causing her to latch on and off too often. The Glamourmom nursing tank is far less of an operation and just as discrete, if not more.

The Glamourmom nursing bra long tank is the perfect length to pull below the hips. The snaps are easy to use with one hand and I can wear the tank under my clothes without it looking bulky. I actually dread when I am done breastfeeding and have to return to regular uncomfortable underwire bras! I think the Glamourmom Nursing Bra Tank has a large part in why I feel this way.


In December, Glamourmom is partnering with Feed The Children and will match any product purchased from or  with a nursing bra tank donated to a mom in need.  Click for more info.

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