Helly Hansen Ekolab Rapid Jacket



Can you love a jacket too much? It’s almost July in San Francisco, but I’m still wearing this jacket almost every morning on my walk before the kids gets up. The Rapide jacket protects from the wind with a water repelling exterior that still breathes and doesn’t over-heat. The inside is a nice soft fleecy fabric.

But, if you’ve ever tried on Helly Hansen, the love is in the styling, with sleek lines and subtle trim. Two glove pockets and two internal pockets give just enough for glasses, keys, and phone, without puffing out.  Bottom hem adjust with a cord (or not, when I don’t need it any tighter).

Finally, my color choice, “azalea,” a mix of red and pink, is cheery for pre-dawn walks without being overpowering.

Helly Hansen says this is a 3-season jacket, but I’m lucky where I live to where it in all four.

$130 at HellyHansen.com.

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