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Milkalicious has a new line of clothing, M2, made up of comfortable loungewear for the pregnant or nursing woman.  This line was created by Jayme Gomez, former fashion publicist and wife to Black Eyed Peas singer Taboo, along with the President of Milkalicious, Jennifer Ritchie, a former lactation consultant.  So normally I really don’t pay much attention to the resumes of those designing my clothing, however, this duo’s knowledge of a pregnant or nursing woman’s needs are clearly shown in the design and comfort of this new line.

The wrap top is one of my favorite maternity tops in my closet.  It has long sleeves, a sexy bust line and is form fitting over the belly to show off your baby bump.  As my belly has grown, among other things during this pregnancy, I no longer look good in loose fitting shirts as they make me look blobbish.  This shirt, however, has just the right amount of snug to it allowing me to stay comfortable while still defining my baby bump from the rest of me.  It is also longer than your typical maternity tee so you can wear it at or below your hips. This top looks really cute pulled below the hips with a pair of leggings and also looks great resting at the hips with a pair of jeans.  I really appreciate the designer considering this aspect of length because so many of my maternity shirts end up too short in just a few months.  I am currently in my third trimester with my second child and I love that this shirt will carry me through to the end of this pregnancy and then postpartum.  The material is so soft and comfortable, unlike any other maternity shirt I currently own!  It holds its shape really well too and doesn’t get loose and bunchy.  Overall, the wrap top is one of the best maternity tops I own.  Whether I wear it casually around the house or out with my husband at night, it looks stylish and keeps me comfortable which is not an easy task at this point.

Although the classic tee by M2 is made of the same amazingly soft and stretchy material as the wrap top, I am not as enthusiastic about the style.  This tee has a V-neck, is ribbed, has short sleeves and hits at the hips.  I would say this shirt is named appropriately, it is a classic tee.  I wish this shirt had something more to it but it kind of reminds me of one of my husband’s undershirts, especially since I have the white one. It does, however, fit gently around my belly and hold its semi-snug shape which keeps this tee looking like new.  It’s also lightweight enough that it doesn’t add bulk under clothing.  I typically wear it under a sweater or cardigan because I truly love the way it feels on my skin.   So if you are looking for a basic tee shirt that is luxuriously soft and will wear well as you grow, I recommend the classic tee by M2… and be sure to get it in one of the pretty colors!!

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