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In general, when pregnant, one always tries to find clothes that they can wear before and after baby. Good quality tanks are hard to come by. They are either too tight, too short, and are not of great material. That is until Snug Camisoles.

I will give my review about specific products and then give you my general feeling of the brand (hint: it’s a good one!). I am in my third trimester and at a time when clothes are starting to get hard to fit into and look good in, Snug gets the job done and makes me feel good.


Racerback tank

I got this in White. I use it as a layer under see-through racerback tops and also as for yoga. As a layer, it is great because the material is breathable and living in California, we have been experiencing such a hot summer that a light layer is exactly what you need. It is long and yet unintrusive with the rest of your outfit. For yoga, it stays long and does not ride up your belly during any position. Whether you are looking for something to layer or for an active purpose, the racerback tank works for both.




Basic Camisole

I have been using this as a layer. Just like the racerback tank, I love the length and material. I got this in Purple and the shade is so vibrant that I could see myself wearing this on its own with a maxi skirt.





Ankle Leggings

What can I not say about these leggings? They are the best leggings I have ever owned and I get so many compliments on them. They are light and yet, not at all see through like a lot of leggings you get out there these days. They sit comfortably below my belly and sometimes I find that if I feel like pulling them up over my belly, it is still comfortable and doesn’t feel too restricting. The material is a right amount of stretch and I don’t feel as though the quality will degrade over time.




I have been searching for the right bandeau for a while. A lot of them are padded and I don’t like the way they seem to ride down as the day goes on. Snug’s bandeaus are unpadded, the right amount of stretch and so comfortable. I wear them with tops that are too low cut in the front and they stay up all day! It does not feel like a strapless bra, but is a good alternative.




Overall, the common themes in my reviews of the above products are that Snug products are comfortable, the right length, and made of the best material.

Best of all, these products can be used after you have the baby without your belly bump and I’m a true believer that these tops will not have stretched out even after wearing them with a baby belly.

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