Mamachic Reversible Nursing Scarf



The Mamachic reversible nursing scarf is a cute, comfy accessory that has helped to expand my nursing wardrobe.  Made of a soft, thick bamboo-derived rayon fabric in several trendy color combinations.  I test-drove the teal and grey color combo and loved that I could wear it with the more subdued grey side out, and just have the teal peak through from time to time.  I do wish the manufacturer had not put such an obvious label on the grey side, as that kept it from feeling truly reversible.  I found myself worried the tag would be showing if the scarf shifted.  Also, the fabric is luxuriously thick, which is great for Fall and Winter, but would not work for the summer months.

The company claims you can wear the Mamachic in 15 different ways by strategically twisting and snapping the scarf, which is really a wide lank of fabric, tapered at both ends, with a snap at the end and one in the middle.  I loved the reverse cape style, as it covered my postpartum belly and looked like I put more effort into my outfit than usual.  I could also easily switch from that to the nursing style when needed.

Mamachic has a video on their website that demonstrates  how to create all of the suggested styles.  However, the video goes through the styles very quickly so it was hard for me to figure out which snap is going where, etc.  And out in the “field,” literally a field in San Francisco on a windy cold day, I could not for the life of me remember more than two of the options when I wanted to convert from cape to scarf due to the plummeting temperature.  I wish Mamachic would provide a step by step diagram for each style that I could quickly call up on my phone when needed.  Plus, some of the styles were just way too complicated for my sleep-deprived brain to figure out, for example, the shirt styles.  Maybe I’ll figure them out after this fourth trimester thing is over.

That said, I love that the Mamachic nursing scarf does have at least 5 different ways that I will actually wear it, comes in cute colors, and is made of a very nice, thick, sustainable material.  It worked great as a nursing cover, which is really the most important thing for me, and looks so much better than the Hooter Hider or Bebe au Lait covers I have.  With Fall upon us, I think the Mamachic is a great investment.



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