OhBaby Chic Nursing Cover


I’ve seen other women who can nurse in public, who with just a flick of the wrist have a blanket perfectly positioned over their shoulder and happy baby suckling away underneath. I am not one of these ladies. When I’m in public, it always takes a me a few minutes to get situated, find a comfortable position, grab the blanket, ect. Finally when I do have everything set up and ready to go, it is difficult to check on my daughter without exposing myself or feeling like people around me can see what I’m doing. I always feel a bit awkward, but thats a small price to pay for being out of the house!Since using the OhBabyChic Nursing Cover, all my above issues with breastfeeding in public have been resolved. The OhBabyChic Nursing Cover is designed for full coverage. I never feel as if my breasts are going to be exposed while I’m using this nursing cover and it easily covers the sides of my chest too. It has an adjustable neck strap that allows you to adjust how high or low you want the neckline to be. As an added bonus, the neck strap is adjustable with one hand. Just reach behind your neck and pull or release the plastic buckle. A great feature that I use often. Higher neckline for uber privacy and a lower neckline while with family and friends.The neckline of the OhBabyChic Nursing Cover has a reinforced neckline while causes the top of the nursing cover to bow outward. This creates a perfect little window for me to make eye contact with my daughter when she is latching on and to continuing to eat throughout the feed. I love the fact that I can carry on a conversation with friends and then quickly glance downward to ensure that my little one is happily eating away. No more adjusting blankets or putting my head under a huge swaddle cloth to ensure the baby is eating!The nursing cover also has a pocket on the inside. I don’t use it, but I think it is a great idea. If I had to keep a nipple guard, some lanolin cream or some other type of nursing accessory with me, I’d keep it in the pocket.The design (I have the NY style) of this nursing cover is what really sold me. The black and white graphic pattern is chic, simple and doesn’t clash with my outfits. It also doesn’t hurt that my daughter loves to stare at it when it is not in use.The simple pattern doesn’t scream “Hey I’m Breastfeeding under here.” Rather it looks a cool, draped top. Some of my friends have other nursing covers and theirs look like smocks or giant aprons. Very not cool for a young mother like me, who tries to look hip and stylish when leaving the house. Before I found OhBabyChic, I searched all over the internet for nursing covers and hated the patterns available. OhBabyChic has beautiful, eye catching patterns that are made out of 100% breathable, easily washable cotton fabric.

Thanks for making a great nursing cover OhBabyChic.

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