Ameda’s NEW Nursing Bra


It is so difficult to find a nursing bra that is comfortable yet supportive and functional at the same time. The nursing bra from Ameda is all that and more. First, and most importantly, it is really easy to wear. The material is a seamless super soft microfiber fabric – it was never itchy or too warm/cold. The fabric is advertised as being lightly absorbent and working to prevent odor and I found this to be true which is very important, especially, if you have a limited number of nursing bras to rotate through. There are several sets of hooks in back, so it can accommodate an expanding or shrinking chest size. That said, I ordered the size indicated for my measurements on the size chart and the fit was true-to-size. The shoulder straps sat in the right place and didn’t cause any pain or indentations.

For the functionality, I found the structure of the bra to be really conducive to nursing. The foundation of the bra provided strong structure, but when the panel drops, there is plenty of exposure for the nipple/breast. I prefer this, as opposed to a really small opening that tends not to line up right, leading to pulling and stretching of the bra. I also liked that there wasn’t a ton of bulky fabric to fold down. The clasps are strong, but I often find that I require both hands to open and close them securely.

For a non-underwire bra, it is very supportive. But, it is still a non-underwire bra so I didn’t get as much lift as I would have liked. The design includes ruching in the center that provides separation, so it’s definitely a step up from wearing a sports bra.

In sum, this is a great every day nursing bra that makes breastfeeding easier for both mom and baby and looks good under all types of clothing.

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