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Until you have a new baby, you don’t realize all the nursing supplies you’ll need to keep yourself comfortable and presentable.  Luckily, Bamboobies takes care of many of your needs from their signature heart-shaped washable nursing pads to nursing covers and bras.

When nursing my first child, I remember a friend of mine dropping off a box of disposable nursing pads.  While I wasn’t sure why I needed them, my friend assured me that they were essential, and I soon discovered why.  Being a nursing mom is messy!  While I loved that someone had thought to create disposable nursing pads, I was dismayed by how wasteful they were.  Plus, after one mistakenly went through the wash and oozed a slimy gel, I was highly suspicious of what they contained and didn’t want them anywhere near my child’s milk supply.  Washable nursing pads soon became my most prized discovery.

My appreciation of washable nursing pads is renewed and has only increased with my recent find – Bamboobies.  As I breastfeed baby number two, I’m excited to find a product that not only takes care of messy leaks, but also fits comfortably against my skin and stays well concealed within my bra.  And, as an extra bonus, they are true to their name, being made of eco-friendly, organic bamboo, which is great for the environment and also means no itchy, disposable material to irritate your skin.  Bamboobies come in the shape of a heart, not only a fun form factor, but also thoughtfully shaped to fit snugly against your breast without creating unsightly bumps and creases.  These nursing pads have a waterproof layer to prevent milk from leaking through to your bra, as well as a soft fleece layer that sits against your skin.  Choose a color that matches your favorite bras, with Bamboobies coming in light pink, hot pink and black.

While the heart-shaped Bamboobies are great for light leaks during daytime wear, you may want to try their overnight pads for nighttime use.  Larger and thicker, these pads are just as soft as the daytime pads, but are extra absorbent to last you through the night. Both daytime and nighttime varieties are machine washable and can be sent through the drier, making it easy to always keep a supply on hand.

Another welcome product, Bamboobies Soothing Therapy Pillows can be heated in the microwave and then placed against your chest to assist with letdown and opening painful, clogged ducts – a real life saver!  These are so comforting that I’ve come close to falling asleep wearing them and wish I could keep them on all day.  When cooled in the freezer, these pillows can also help ease pain and discomfort from engorgement or teething babies.

Next, the Bamboobies Brahhh (made for maternity, sleep and nursing) keeps everything in place while feeling great.  They also work perfectly with Bamboobies nursing pads.  Made from the same material, the Nursing Shawl enrobes you in softness and flows elegantly across your upper body, providing a great top you can keep on even between feedings.

Bamboobies rounds out their product line with a Natural Nursing Balm and a Belly & Baby Butter, both of which are made from organic ingredients, so that you feel comfortable using them on yourself and your little one, while enjoying their soothing effects on your skin.

In celebration of the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, snag a free pair of Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads by checking out their site ( between February 14-17.  And, as a special offer for our readers, Bamboobies is offering 25% off your entire purchase with promo code pn25off that’s good through April 15 – a great opportunity to pick up some great products for yourself or purchase gift packs for your mom friends.

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