GlamourMom Nursing Bra Long Top


Rest assured that this is one tank top that doesn’t look like a “nursing top” at all. In fact, I could see myself wearing this tank top when I am no longer nursing! The length of the tank top is perfect. I’m 5’ 7” and the tank top hits me well below my hips with ample room to cover my tummy. I usually wear a size 6-8 and I ordered a size Medium, which fits perfectly. There is a built in nursing bra that has an adjustable elastic chest band, which will allow me to tighten the inner bra when my breasts starts to go back to their usual size. I like that the tank is designed with discretion in place. This is one tank top that I would feel comfortable wearing while nursing in public. The clasps at the shoulder are easy to close and open and hold in place securely. I have the tank top in black/grey stripes and like that it looks like I’m wearing fashionable workout wear as opposed to a nursing top. The cotton is soft and great quality. I’ve washed it and it held up well without shrinking. The elastic in the cotton has enough give that it fits snugly and provides some nice tummy support while still feeling comfortable. There tank also has a mesh lining in the inner bra in order to hold nursing pads in place. While I have other nursing camisoles, this one has quickly become my go to. With my other tanks, I am constantly having to pull them down in order to cover the gap between my pants and my mid-section. This tank fits me so much better. I think I’ll need to invest in another!

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