Shuga Bébé Couture Nursing Pillows


MSRP: $89.99

Designed by a mom of 4, Shuga Bébé Couture introduces a fresh new take on the traditional nursing pillow. An idea born out of a combination of frustration and necessity, Shuga Bébé Couture has designed a nursing pillow like no other. Eliminating the daunting task of wrapping a pillow around one’s waist and/or buckling the pillow to the mother, Shuga Bébé Couture nursing pillows provide incomparable support, comfort and functionality. No longer do you have to deal with the hassle and inconvenience of ”wearing” your nursing pillow. Designed to rest comfortably at your side, these nursing pillows are truly one size fits all. The supportive arm, with it’s ingenuitive angle, rests on the mother’s lap providing comfortable support for the infant while maintaining a more natural, upright feeding position. This positioning promotes proper digestion and aids in decreasing the effects of acid reflux and gas on tiny tummies. One notable attribute of Shuga Bébé Couture nursing pillows is it’s unique height which provides that much needed arm and elbow support that moms need, alleviating arm, neck, back and shoulder strain. No more leaning forward, no more arm fatigue. Would your husband use your nursing pillow? He will now! Often times dads feel uncomfortable feeding their fragile little ones. The unique design of these nursing pillows make feeding time for dad and baby stress free. Another refreshing feature of these nursing pillows is their appearance when not in use. With their stylish and contemporary machine washable fabrics, Shuga Bébé Couture nursing pillows look like a designer toss pillow on your bed. They’re super comfortable for use during t.v. time and lounging around… like having the arm of your sofa anywhere you go. Shuga Bébé Couture’s exceptional design and ability to be used long after the days of breastfeeding are gone, makes these nursing pillows worth every penny!


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