My First Year card


The My First Year card by StrangeBirdyStudios is a detailed report card for all of your baby’s progress.  It is made of lightweight cardboard, folds into three sections, is about 5×7 and contains a bunch of data for you to record about your little one.  It allows you to keep track of everything form physical attributes such as eye and hair color to baby’s likes and dislikes along with motor skill milestones.  It even records stuff you may not have thought about recording…like baby’s first Halloween costume and favorite way to fall asleep.  This report card is a clever way to keep all of your child’s firsts in one place.  It is also small enough to mail to your family and friends as a keepsake and to eventually file away with your other special tokens from this early stage of life.  The cards come in packs of 5, 10 or 20 and come with white envelopes.  These cards would make a great baby shower gift!

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