Review: Memo Box Mini, a tool for “pregnancy brain”


Here’s another gadget to address that common pregnancy symptom called “pregnancy brain.”  This little box and accompanying app remind you when to take your pills. The twist is that the box communicates via Bluetooth to tell your phone app that you actually went to the box, opened it and took your medicine.

Clearly, this isn’t that important if you are just taking a daily pre-natal and you can always check to see the pill is gone at the end of the day. But if you need to take a pill once a day at a specific hour, or perhaps three times per day and at specific times, this is the tool for you.

The mechanism isn’t super complicated. You basically fill the plain white pill box with your pills. The box has three compartments but could hold more than three pills. You set the simple app to remind you to take your pills. Take a photo of the original container directions for extra security. Then wait for your reminder. Yes, when the reminder goes off, you can cheat and turn off the alarm at the phone, but the app will record that it doesn’t have a record of you actually having opened the box to find your medicine.  And if you try to leave home without your pillbox, you’ll also get a reminder.

Additionally, the app can be set to alert family members to make sure they are taking their meds. There’s even a function in the app to remind you to re-order your prescription. The internal battery, charged via micro-USB, lasts up to a month. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Clearly, this isn’t a product for all pill-takers. However, missing doses can be lethal in some cases and is particularly risky for those with memory issues.

You can order the Memo Box Mini now through kickstarter for $24.90 for one unit, $39.90 for two, and $79.90 for four. The good news is that Memo Box Mini backers will receive their gadgets in late Spring.

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