Skip Hop Grab & Go Stroller Saddlebag Review



This is the bag I never knew I needed but definitely do.  By moving their stroller Saddlebag to the side of the stroller, the folks at Skip Hop solved the stroller storage problems that I thought were just par for the course.  Under the stroller storage is cavernous and hard to access, while hanging something from the back of the stroller can impede walking or lead to tipping.  By putting the bag on the side, essentials are easy to access and the stroller maintains stability and utility.

I tested the Grab & Go Saddlebag on my Uppababy Vista and G-Luxe (umbrella) strollers.  With the Saddlebag, I stowed my toddler’s lunch in the wipeable, insulated interior, keeping it organized with the three mesh pockets, and stored my wallet and phone in arms reach in the outer zip pocket, while still being able to load up the under-storage on my Vista with all my farmer’s market purchases.  I loved not having to unearth her lunch from my purchases when she started crying for food.  Squished blueberries are a thing of the past, and being pregnant with #2 now, it’s hard to dig under the stroller!  When I tried the Saddlebag with my G-luxe, I kept my essentials close at hand while avoided the constant tipping over that happens every time I forget my purse is hanging on the back when I take my daughter out of the stroller.  Plus, I found that placing the Saddlebag high enough up on the stroller side meant I could fold both strollers with it still attached.

The only improvements I would make to the Saddlebag are the velcro hanging hooks.  I don’t always bring my stroller in our tiny house so I have to take the Saddlebag on and off frequently to load and unload it.  The velcro makes it pretty easy to do but I would love a clip system or something a little more Grab & Go than the current requirement to thread the velcro around the plastic loops to attach it to the stroller.  Also, the bag does make your stroller wider.  My Vista is already huge so the bag made it harder to get into bathroom stalls and narrow doorways.  These are pretty minor complaints though considering all the use I’ve gotten out of this bag in the last three weeks.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for more storage that’s easier to access on their stroller.

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